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Quit Itch

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Quit Itch is a broad-spectrum antiseptic lotion that helps relieve discomfort in dogs, cats, and horses. It also aids in the treatment of bacterial dermatitis and fungal infections, and is suitable for cleaning lacerations, cuts, burns, abrasions, grazes, and other wounds to prevent infection. It is formulated with Iodine and may help reduce licking and scratching that lead to hotspots and infections. It can also be used to treat QLD itch, Girth Itch, and Greasy Heel in horses and is suitable for dogs, cats and horses of all ages.

  • Size

    250ml, 500mL and 1L

  • Ingredients

    15g/L Povidone Iodine, 6g/L Iodophor

  • Life Stage

    Suitable for horses, dogs and cats of all ages

  • Delivery Options

    This item is available for delivery Australia wide, and available for local pickup

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