Wash your furry friend at Woonona Petfoods!

Did you know we have TWO self service dog washes? Bring your dog (or any pet!) into one of our fully enclosed hydrobaths for a quick scrub after the beach or for a complete wash and dry. The price starts at $10 for 10 minutes, which includes everything from warm water, shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick rinse and blow-drying.


How much does it cost?
Our hydrobath costs $10 for ten minutes. If you need to go over ten minutes (not common unless you have a very large dog) you will need to insert more coins at a rate of $1 per extra minute.
How do you pay for it?
Much like a car wash, the dog wash accepts $10 notes, $5 notes and gold coins. Unfortunately it does not accept EFTPOS at this time.
What happens if I don't have cash with me?
If you forget to bring cash, please come inside and see one of our friendly staff members at the counter who will be able to offer you cash out to pay for the wash
Where can I dry my dog?
The dog wash has a drying facility. However if you choose, you can also take your dog down to our dog park to run around and dry in the sun - if it's a nice day of course!
How do I work the dog wash?
You will need to place your dog into the enclosed area and insert your notes / coins to start the wash. A timer will appear on the screen when your ten minutes begins. You can now turn the lever to select whichever setting you would prefer e.g. first warm water, followed by shampoo etc.