Puppy school

At Woonona Pet Food and Produce, we understand the importance of giving your Puppy the best start to life! Enrolling in a puppy school will help to develop good behaviours and new skills, as well as creating an opportunity for your puppy to socialise with other, likeminded puppies! We know that life can sometimes get in the way of your puppies training, making it hard to keep on top of bad behaviours and habits, which is why we offer flexible training timetables to suit the needs of all families! Our resident dog trainer Trevor Crittenden has been dog training for over 30 years. Trevor enjoys training dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds! Our Puppy School classes only take a maximum of 10 puppies per class, meaning the classes are small enough to access one-on-one time with Trevor, but large enough to ensure your puppy has the opportunity to socialise when necessary.

Our puppy classes are based around the philosophy of training you to train your dog. We believe puppy training is most successful when these habits and behaviours can be replicated at home, and that's why Trevor teaches you how to teach your puppy positive habits. If you have children, we highly recommend bringing them along so they can learn too. After all, the more that the positive behaviours are enforced, the more successful they are. The classes will cover all the basics such as sit, stay, come and lay down, as well as training in walking on the lead, socialization and much more! Puppy Preschool is a 4-week training course recommended for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. Being a puppy is one of the most important stages in a dog’s life. During the period of 8-16 weeks of age it is vital that your puppy is trained and socialised correctly. Puppy School will cover issues such as house training, mouthing, biting, jumping and chewing. You will also teach your dog how to come, sit, drop, stay and walk on a lead. Your puppy will have a chance to socialise with other puppies off lead in controlled play sessions.

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