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Prime 100 Pea & Algae Oil 2kg

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Prime 100 Pea & Algae Oil Roll is a novel, hypoallergenic, non-meat-based elimination diet, made specifically for dogs with suspected allergies and/or sensitivities. This diet is complete and balanced for adult dogs and contains natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine ingredients. Formulated with essential amino acids lysine and methionine, natural digestive enzymes, and prebiotics, to help improve gastrointestinal immunity. Added taurine to support heart function, vision, and fat digestion. Low in fat, which is ideal for dogs with pancreatitis, and low in phosphorous to support dogs with renal issues.
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  • Ingredients

    Tapioca, carrots, pea protein isolate, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, bamboo fibre, natural flavour, functional oils (algae, flaxseed, sunflower, evening primrose, coconut), vitamins & minerals, seaweed extract, salt, potato, chicory root extract, taurine, parlsey, turmeric, essential amino acids, celery seed powder, natural digestive enzymes.
  • Life Stage

    Suitable for dogs of all ages

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