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Parrot Mix Blue 20kg Avigrain

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Avigrain Parrot Mix Blue can be used as a treat to supplement all parrot diets or a base diet for larger parrots. Parrot Blue is high in oilseeds and has fruit and nuts. All large parrot native and exotic species can be fed Parrot Blue including cockatoos, Black Cockies, Sulphur Crested, Major Mitchell, Galahs, Gang-Gangs, Eclectus, Alexandrines, Ringnecks, Corellas, Amazons, Macaws & Conures. For 30 years Avigrain has been the breeder’s choice and remains Australia’s top selling quality birdseed range.

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  • Ingredients

    Grey Stripe Sunflower, Oats, Cracked Corn, White French Millet, Wheat , Safflower, Panorama, Banana Chips, Parrot Peanuts, Paw-Paw, Pineapple, Sultanas

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    Suitable for parrots

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nicole Hammond
Great product

My ekkies love this mix ,fast post and good post rate.Will always buy from here from now on thank you.

Narelle Withers

Easy purchase thank uou



Rigel Best
A rich mix

The seed mix looks impressive with its multicoloured dried fruit, peanuts and generous proportion of sunflower seed; however, it's not every parrot's choice. My corella doesn't like the dried fruit but my conures and alexandrines do.
My only concern is if the dried fruit may be coloured and contain preservatives. I also dont know if the fruit and peanuts are produced in Australia.
Otherwise, a good seed mix.

Best Bird Seed on the market

This product contains a wonderful variety of seeds, dried fruit and nuts. My cockies and the wildies love it so much, there is no waste. It is a top shelf product: clean and fresh with great variety for many birds. I have been buying it for more than 15 years. It's slightly pricier than the others, however, I have found that it works out to be cheaper than the cheapest seed due to the lack of waste.