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Bono Fido Parrot Cage 47831 Arch 30

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The Bono Fido Parrot Cage 47831 is the perfect cage for parrots and similar sized birds. This birdcage will give your bird plenty of room with a good view of their surrounds, and comes with an open top dome for tame birds. It comes with a stand with wheels making it easy to move around and comes equipped with perching stands and feeders. All Bono Fido cages are made from durable and bird-safe powder coated metal and have easy to access doors for easy cleaning and feeding. This cage is the perfect easy-to-set-up and spacious birdcage that will provide your bird with plenty of space to explore, eat and play with toys
  • Size

    78W x 60D x 156H

  • Life Stage

    Suitable for birds of all ages

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    This item is available for delivery Australia wide, and available for local pickup

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  • Bar Spacing


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Customer Reviews

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Sturdy once assembled, paint easily scratched off

The aesthetic of the cage design is good and it's sturdy once assembled. Unfortunately the assembly is a nightmare and proved that the paint comes of very easily. The paint will definitely come off if your bird chews the bars and might come off if it has long claws and uses the bars to move around (eg parrot). I'm using the cage for a pigeon so this won't be an issue, I'll just have to put up with all the scratches it's obtained from the assembly process.

Cage MUST be assembled top down as the bars on the top panels that slot into the internal holes of the cage frame are wider than those on the side panels. Attempting to assemble frame first and putting in top panels last (as per instructions) is impossible.

Assembly instructions that work:
1. Put wheels on cage front and back panels.
2. Clip 2 top panels together and tape in place with masking tape so they don't come apart.
3. Put back panel on ground facing inwards towards you, slot top panels into holes.
4. Put front panel on top, position so top panels slot into the holes. Make sure that the top panels are on the outside of the two metal brackets at the top of the back and front panels.
5. Tape the top panels to the front and back panels with masking tape and flip the cage so it's now standing upright.
6. Slot the top bars onto the side panels and tape in place with masking tape.
7. Slot the side panels into place between the front and back panels. You can use masking tape to keep one side panel in place if it falls out when you're slotting the opposite side in.
8. Screw in the top bars.
9. Slot bottom bars into place below side panels and screw in.
10. Slide in bottom panel and tray.
11. Remove masking tape.