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Heat Pad Cosy 260mmx360mm Paswell

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The Passwell Heat Pad is a cosy pouch that is used to assist in the relaxing and nursing of animals. These heat pads can be used in various situations, including in vet clinics and animal hospitals to comfort pets and assist recovery, to help puppies and kittens settle in and to maintain body temperature in older pets. The heat pad warms your pet up and can reach up to 20°C above room temperature.  These fast acting and easy-to-use heat pads are made of soft PVC and are safe to use around pets of all shapes and sizes. For best results, place the heat pad underneath the bedding to avoid chewing or scratching.

  • Size

    26cm x 36cm

  • Life Stage

    Suitable for pets of all ages

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    This item is available for delivery Australia wide, and available for local pickup

  • Material


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