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  • Brand: Ranvet
  • Type: Electrolyte Replacers

Electro Paste 60ml

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The Ranvet Electro Paste supplies a highly concentrated source of B-Group vitamins for energy replenishment. This paste helps stimulate thirst, decreasing recovery time. It supplies all critical electrolytes required for optimal performance and maintains body fluid balance.


  • Ideal electrolyte replenishment for traveling or fatigued horses
  • Rapid, convenient, easily transportable
  • Quickly metabolized and absorbed
  • Reduces the incidence of dehydration, muscle fatigue, poor performance and delayed recovery
  • Allows optimal performance in all extreme environmental conditions
  • Reduces electrolyte loss and stress of travel
  • Maintains cell integrity during hard work
  • Supplies antioxidants to reduce tissue damage via the effects of free radicals.
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  • Ingredients

    Vitamin B1 102mg, Vitamin B2 86.4mg, Vitamin B6 10.2mg, Vitamin B12 40.8mg, Sodium 3744mg, Chloride 12096mg, Potassium 4866mg, Magnesium 1458mg, Calcium 1254mg, Niacin 333mg, Vitamin E 1009.8mg, Folic acid 21mg, Zinc 80.4mg

  • Life Stage

    Suitable for horses of all ages

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