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  • Brand: Catit
  • Type: Water Fountains

Catit 2.0 Senses Flower Water Fountain Mini 1.5 LItre

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The Catit 2.0 Senses Flower Mini Water Fountain might be small, but it is functional and stylish and will encourage your cat to drink and play at the same time. This fountain is similar to the original Flower Water Fountain, but a smaller size to allow easy access for kittens and small cats. This fountain features a compact and ergonomic design and has three water flow options for picky drinkers. Having running water encourages cats to drink more, keeping them hydrated and helping with kidney function. The opaque reservoir helps keep the water fresh and the 3.5W pump keeps the water moving while the filter continuously purifies the water. It is easy to clean and holds 1.5L of water. This Catit 2.0 Senses Flower Mini Water Fountain will make drinking fun for your feline!

  • Size

    19cm x 9cm

  • Life Stage

    Suitable for cats of all ages

  • Delivery Options

    This item is available for delivery Australia wide, and available for local pickup

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