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  • Brand: Kazoo
  • Type: Hanging Toys

Kazoo Bird Toy Cardboard Activity Box With Bell

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Kazoo Bird Toy Cardboard Activity Box with Bell Large is a fun and interactive toy to keep your bird inspired and stimulated. It features a cardboard box filled with colourful shredded paper and a little bell down the bottom. This playtime toy is designed to be destroyed. It keeps your bird occupied by allowing them to chew, tug and dismantle. This is a good thing for the bird as it's exactly what they'd do in the wild and keeps them engaged for long periods of time. 


  • Stimulates their problem-solving skills
  • Can be hung to or clung to, developing their muscles and feet
  • Natural colouring, no nasties!
  • Size

    Small - Height: 22cm x Width: 6.5cm x Depth: 6.5cm

    Medium - Height: 25cm x Width: 7.5cm x Depth: 7.5cm

    Large - Height: 30cm x Width: 10cm x Depth: 10cm


  • Life Stage

    Suitable for birds of all ages

  • Delivery Options

    This item is available for delivery Australia wide, and available for local pickup

  • Material


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