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  • Brand: Kazoo
  • Type: Hanging Toys

Kazoo Bird Toy Cardboard Activity Board

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Kazoo Bird Toy Cardboard Activity Board is a fun addition to add to your bird’s environment. This unique board is made from cardboard that includes wood chips and knotted material to entice your bird to interact. This ultimate playtime toy is designed to be destroyed. It keeps your bird occupied by allowing them to chew, tug and dismantle.


  • Can be hung to or clung to, developing their muscles and feet
  • Swings to encourage play
  • Easy to place in cage and move
  • Natural colours, no nasties!
  • Size

    Small - Height: 18cm x Width: 6.5cm

    Medium - Height: 35cm x Width: 15cm

  • Life Stage

    Suitable for birds of all ages

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    This item is available for delivery Australia wide, and available for local pickup

  • Material


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