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Barastoc Race N Win 20kg

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Barastoc Race N Win is an oat-free and nutrient-rich muesli with fortified vitamins and minerals and an amino acid profile designed for high performance. Race N Win is a concentrated horse racing feed, designed specifically for high-performance equine athletes and racehorses. It is designed to be fed alone or blended with grains prior to feeding.


  • Will support a high intensity workload
  • Formulated with Diamond V XPC for improved utilization of fibre, gut health and reduced lactic acid accumulation during exercise
  • High-quality protein with added amino acids to assist muscle development
  • Vitamin E, selenium, and chromium for muscle repair
  • Contains Barastoc Gastrolize for horses prone to gastric ulcers
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    • Ingredients

      Steam Flaked Barley, Steam Flaked Corn, Steam Flaked Lupins, Sunflower Seeds, Vegetable Oil, Yeast Culture, Organic Chromium, Salt, Barastoc Gastrolize™ – Equine Antacid, Diamond V® XPC, KER Vitamin & Mineral Premix

    • Life Stage

      Suitable for horses of all ages

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