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The Best Natural Treats For Your Dog

Published on 21 Apr 2022
The Best Natural Treats For Your Dog | Woonona Petfood & Produce

We all love rewarding our doggos with a special treat from time to time. It is important that we reward them with treats that are not only delicious but healthy and meet their dietary requirements. Dog treats should not be a single source of food, but instead given in moderation as a treat or reward. Treats are generally higher in calories and lower in nutritional value, meaning they should only make up 10% of daily calorie intake. There are a huge range of dog treats available, and it can be hard to know which treats are healthy based on labelling and packaging claims.

Things to consider when buying treats

Place of manufacture: we highly recommend choosing treats made in Australia and to avoid treats from China. Treats made in China can often be labelled with PRC (People's Republic of China) which can be used to mislead customers 

Ingredients: look for treats that are made with high quality ingredients. Natural treats contain real protein such as chicken, fish or beef, and other nutritious ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, superfoods, vitamins and minerals

Additives: you should try to avoid treats that contain artificial colours and flavourings where possible, especially if feeding your dog natural food is a priority

Calories: it is important to check how many calories per treat and always include these calories in your dog’s total daily energy intake to avoid weight problems. 

Fillers: high quality treats should be meat based and have real protein as their first ingredient as opposed to cheaper treats that often have cheap fillers as their first ingredient e.g. wheat

Dietary requirements: if your dog has a medical condition, it is important that the treats meet their special dietary requirements. We recommend speaking to your vet before trying any new treats. 

Brand: it is always best to choose a brand that is reputable and if possible, Australian Made such as Balanced Life, SavourLife or WAG to ensure quality. 

Portion control: everything in moderation! Give your dog small pieces, often. Offer a small amount to start with to see if the treat agrees with them, especially if they have a sensitive tummy

Size and life stage: always keep your dog’s size and life stage in mind and make sure you choose treats suitable for their size, and puppy friendly treats if they are still growing 

There are so many different types of dog treats to choose from! It can take some trial and error to find healthy treats that tick all the boxes and if you’re using them for training purposes, you want to reward your dog with something they really love! Many pet owners prefer to choose natural products for their pet, and nowadays there are many amazing natural, whole food based and minimally processed treats available. We have made a list of our 10 favourite natural treats below!

Blackdog Sweet Potato Slices

Blackdog Sweet Potato Slices are made with 100% sweet potato and no nasty additives. This delicious and highly nutritious treat can be used to reward good behaviour, or just as a daily treat to supplement their normal diet. Sweet Potato is a good source of dietary fibre to help with function of the digestive system and contains a high amount of Vitamin C.

Ingredients: 100% Sweet Potato

Balanced Life Lamb Crumbles

Balanced Life Lamb Crumble is 100% Australian Lamb Lung, which has been air dried to lock in the nutrition. These treats are healthy, natural and delicious! They are high in protein and come in bite-sized pieces, making them perfect for a training treat. 

Ingredients: 100% Australian Lamb

HempPet Beef Liver Hemp Infused Treats

HempPet Beef Liver is a healthy and delicious treat that is made in Australia. These tasty treats have a high nutrient profile that promotes healthy joints, healthy skin and immune boost. They are infused with New Zealand Hoki, which can help fight inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, allergies and infections. They are 100% natural and free from chemicals and pesticides. 

Ingredients: Organic Beef Liver, Hempseed Nectar, Hempseed Oil, Hemp Protein, Hemp Seeds

Meals For Mutts Green Tripe

Meals For Mutts Green Tripe Treats are human grade treats that are 100% natural and made right here in Australia. These treats boast amazing amounts of enzymes, good bacteria and nutrients to contribute to your dog’s overall health. They are naturally dehydrated and contain no preservatives or additives. 

Ingredients: 100% Green Tripe

Ziwi Peak Lamb Rewards

Ziwi Lamb Rewards are complete and balanced dog treats that contain only 5.6kcal per piece. These nutritious treats are made up of 96% fresh meat, organs and bones, and are perfect to use as a training treat. They also contain powerhouse superfoods such as green mussels, organic kelp and green tripe. 

Ingredients: Lamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Tripe, Lamb Liver, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Lung, New Zealand Green Mussel, Lamb Bone, Lecithin, Inulin from Chicory, Dried Kelp, Minerals, Salt, Parsley, Preservative, Vitamins

SavourLife Kangaroo Fillet

SavourLife Kangaroo Fillet is a single-ingredient treat that contains 100% Australian Kangaroo, and no artificial colours or flavours. These treats have been specially dried to capture the natural goodness, and their naturally crunchy texture is ideal to promote healthy teeth and gums. Kangaroo Fillets are packed with protein, and a delicious treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes. SavourLife is a highly reputable and well respected brand as they donate 50% of their profits to rescue organisations, and have contributed to the rehoming of over 35,000 rescue dogs. 

Ingredients: 100% Australian Kangaroo

Bell and Bone Dental Sticks

Bell and Bone Dental Sticks are Australian made dental treats that are scientifically proven to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar build up on your dog’s teeth. These treats are grain-free and packed with superfoods such as chia, activated charcoal, seaweed, turmeric and coconut. Feeding these daily will improve your dog’s oral health, freshen their breath and help prevent dental disease.

Ingredients: Salmon, Tapioca, Sweet Potato, Vegetable Binder, Coconut, Mint, Guar Gum, Chia, Parsley, Charcoal, Vegetable Protein, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Mineral Salt, Acacia Tree, Vegetable Oil, Zinc Sulphate

Zeal Beef Hooves

Zeal Beef Hooves are a tasty, healthy and natural treat containing 100% New Zealand Cattle Hooves. These high protein treats contain no colours, flavours, additives or preservatives, and are chewy to help maintain dental health.

Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Cattle Hooves

WAG Deer Antler

Deer Antler Chews are a long-lasting natural chew that promotes dental health. These chews contain 100% Deer Antler and are suitable for dogs from 12 weeks of age. They are sourced sustainably, making them both dog and earth friendly. They do not splinter and have unbeatable health and heart benefits. 

Ingredients: 100% Deer Antler

Yours Droolly Chicken and Kumara Treats

Yours Droolly Chicken and Kumara treats are air-dried and 100% natural. They are made from locally-sourced, quality New Zealand ingredients and contain no grains, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are high in protein, with chicken as the first ingredient, and are packed with superfoods such as coconut oil, manuka honey and apple cider vinegar. The bite-sized pieces make these treats ideal for a training reward. 

Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Kumara, Vegetable Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Manuka Honey, Natural Antioxidants, Natural Chicken Flavour

We know choosing healthy dog treats can be confusing and time consuming, and hope this makes it that little bit easier! While the 10 treats we have mentioned are standouts for us, there is a HUGE range of natural treats we have available. Click here to view our entire range of dog treats. Don’t forget to mix things up, as long as your dog doesn’t have any special dietary requirements, experiment with different treats to keep things interesting!

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