Raw Feeding – is it time to join the revolution?

Published on 13 Jan 2022
Raw Feeding – is it time to join the revolution? | Woonona Petfood & Produce


Raw feeding your pet is becoming more and more popular, with pet parents Australia and worldwide seeing changes to their pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Many believe that feeding a biologically appropriate raw food diet to your dog will lead to happier and healthier dogs. Each dog is unique, but the raw diet has proven to meet the nutritional needs of all dogs during all stages of life. Both puppies that are full of energy and geriatrics who are slowing down can reap the rewards of a raw diet.


What is a raw diet?

A raw food diet closely resembles the diet your dog’s ancestors would have eaten. This diet prioritizes natural ingredients and a balance of vitamins and minerals to give your dog exactly what they need. The ingredients remain in their raw state, so it doesn’t lose vitamins in cooking. This includes fresh and frozen foods or locking in nutrients by freeze drying or air drying instead of cooking at high heat, ensuring the food your four-legged friend is being fed is free of meat derivatives, fillers, and preservatives. A raw food diet typically includes good quality protein found in muscle meat, natural vitamins and minerals, raw eggs, fruit, and vegetables. BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) dog food range is one of the most popular raw diets, designed to provide your dog with the ultimate diet for health and longevity.

What are the benefits of feeding a raw diet?

  • Improve digestion – the dog will digest most of the food they eat, causing smaller, firmer and healthier stools
  • Healthier skin and coat – the nutrient dense diet with natural oils leads to a full and glossy coat
  • No added sugar – better weight management and healthier teeth and gums
  • Reduce allergy symptoms – free from wheat, grains, chemicals, and preservatives
  • Locally sourced and 100% natural – essential vitamins, minerals, and oils so they can live their best life


Food is an important aspect of the daily lives of dogs, but unlike humans, dogs don’t get to choose what they eat! We choose for them, so it is important we choose what we think is best for them. There is an overwhelming amount of information available, so choosing what is best can be extremely challenging. Our top tip would be to consult your veterinarian for advice before deciding. If you do decide to try out a RAW food diet, let us know how you go! 

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