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Published on 15 Nov 2021
CEN Lupin Pellet | Woonona Petfood & Produce


CEN Lupin Pellet is the only high fibre lupin pellet on the market!

You maybe already feeding a high fibre calorie source to your horse. The popular ones like copra, beet pulp or soy hulls all have different nutrient profiles that are not entirely balanced in regards to trace mineral status or even some macro nutrients. What if there was a game changer product that ticked all the boxes and more?

Introducing the CEN Lupin Pellet which has higher fibre than beet pulp, better quality protein than copra, lower iron levels than soy hulls and a superior starch level than rice bran. See the table in the link below for a detailed comparison of the levels of key nutrients. Additionally it is not imported unlike other feeds and it saves you time from not having to soak feeds. 

Developed for all horse disciplines from pleasure to elite equine athletes and is made by 100% RAW Australian ingredients, unlike copra and beet pulp as each are imported.
When compared to traditional “cool” calorie sources, the CEN Lupin Pellet has a far superior nutrient profile to provide the very best in digestive health and overall health. 


CEN Lupin Pellet is the ultimate addition to all horse diets:

  • Weight Maintenance/Gain
  • Cool Calorie Source - Non Heating Energy
  • Digestive Health
  • Ulcer Friendly & Laminitis Safe
  • Skin & Coat Condition
  • Immune System Health
  • Grain Intolerance
  • Tying – Up
  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)
  • IR, Cushings & PSSM
  • Stallions, Mares, Yearlings, Weanlings & Foals


You can read more about the CEN Lupin Pellet here

You can purchase the CEN Lupin Pellet online here

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