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  • Brand: Dine
  • Type: Wet Cat Food

Dine Seafood & Chicken Mornay 85g

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Effortless, elegant and supremely confident, cats are the masters of seduction. Their abundant natural charm is never more beautifully deployed than when they want something from you. The DINE® brand includes gorgeous food designed to tempt the feline senses of both you and your cat, enabling you to turn your mealtimes into a delightful game of mutual seduction. Explore DINE® Saucy Morsels with Tuna Mornay & Cheese. This delectable wet cat food with a cheese topping and generous serving of luxurious sauce is the perfect meal to satisfy your cat.
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  • Ingredients

    Meats and Fish (including Chicken &/or Tuna &/or Beef &/or Sheep &/or Pork); Binders (including derived from Beef &/or Sheep &/or Pork &/or Cereal); Thickeners; Cheese; Gelling Agents; Cheese Pasta; Colouring Agents; Vitamins & Minerals; Flavours; Amino Acids.

  • Life Stage

    Suitable for all cats over 12 months – adult and senior.

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