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Have you heard about our FREE 6 Point Health Check?

How can you be sure what’s best for your pet? Ask our experts! Because we love nothing more than to help keep pets healthy and happy, we created a FREE 6-point Pet Health Check to help you understand your pet’s needs and answer any niggling questions. Bring your pet into Woonona Petfood and Produce for a health check. You can phone ahead to make an appointment or just come into the store. We will check six vital areas of your pet’s health and explain to you what you really need, based on your pet’s breed, gender and age. We have a directory of reliable, caring independent vets we can recommend should your pet need further assistance. If we need to monitor your pet’s improvement, you can return to the store as needed. Free! The Pet Health Check is a fun learning experience that helps kids understand animals and develop responsibility for their pet’s wellbeing.

Do the best you can for your pet! Come and see us today.

Our pet experts will check 6 important areas of your pet’s health:

Nutrition and Weight

Good nutrition is vital to your pet’s health. It improves their longevity and quality of life!Your pet’s nutritional requirements can be surprising but it’s easy to learn the best diet for your cat, dog, puppy or kitten’s optimal wellbeing. Pets need different types and amounts of foods at different stages of their lives for good health.

Dental Health

Protecting your pet’s teeth and gums is essential to their wellbeing. It prevents chronic diseases and pain for both your pet and your pocket! Protecting your dog’s dental health is as critical as protecting it from heartworm disease. An estimated 78% of dogs over 3 years have some form of periodontal disease.

Skin & Coat

Your pet’s skin and coat are strong indicators of its internal health. They can also show other conditions present. Good skin and coat care combined with an appropriate diet are essential for a happy, healthy pet! Proper balanced nutrition gives your pet the essentials it needs to sport a lustrous coat and healthy skin. If, despite a healthy diet and good grooming, your pet’s coat or skin is problematic, it can help you (and your vet) to identify any presenting conditions.

Joint Mobility

Maintaining your pet’s flexibility and mobility makes for a happier, healthier animal and better quality time for you and your pet! Just as we stiffen with age, so do our pets. Our beloved pets can suffer from paralysing ailments though old age, accidental injuries or from a genetic predisposition. If your pet is showing difficulty with mobility or flexibility, observe their behaviour to rule out early trauma such as a sore leg or limp resulting from an accident.

Parasites (worms, ticks and fleas)

Some parasites can be very harmful to your pet and prove costly and inconvenient for you. That’s why we’re here to help protect your pet, family and home from creepy crawlies inside and out! There are a host of internal and external parasites that affect your pet’s health. These include coccidian, ear mites, giardia, mange, scabies and toxoplasmosis. However, the most common parasites affecting Australian pets are ticks, fleas and worms (heartworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms and roundworms).


Pets can’t talk to us, so their behaviour is their way of telling us if they are happy or not! But sometimes our pets’ behaviour can be annoying, embarrassing and even worrying. Many pet owners don’t realise that their pet’s bad and quirky habits are not always a part of their personality – they can be changed for the better if you know how! At Just For Pets we want you to have a great relationship with your pet. That’s why we encourage you to come in for your free Pet Health Check (link) when we’ll help you address behaviour issues with your pets.




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